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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My First Blog!

So this is my first ever blog! I'm 12 years old and suffering from depression which isn't very nice! I have good days and bad days so I though I could post them through this blog for other people to see, so when I do feel better other people can look back at this and see you can get through all the tough stuff in life.

A bit about me? Well like I said I'm 12 and I live in England. I live with my mum and dad and my brother. We also have a dog called Lola who is adorable and helps me a lot (photo down there tell me what you think of her!)! I like gaming, facebook, twitter, my blackberry and just having fun really.

Today I don't feel too bad although the feeling of depression is always there which isn't nice :( Any advice of good things to do when you have depression? It would help a lot I think! Anyway there's my first blog, thanks for reading! Izzy x

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