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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Great article!

Read a great article today! Have a look!


What are you guys up to? I'm not doing to bad! I've been making money!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

5th June

Hey guys! How are you all doing?! I didn't sleep last night so I feel a bit like a zombie! How is everyones bank holiday going anyway? I hope you are enjoying it!

I have a great article to show you today! Five Ways To Make Money Online  I gave it a read and it was pretty good, I would recommend it so give it a read! 

We are so close to 1,000 page views now as well! It is really exciting! Keep on doing what you are all doing guys, you are amazing!

I haven't really done much today because it is the bank holiday and all, so there isn't much to report today I'm afraid! More news tommorow though hopefully.

What I am looking forward to tonight is 'Touch' on Sky1, it's a double episode as it is the final! Any of you guys seen it? That's all for today anyway, be sure to give that article a look!

Monday, 4 June 2012

4th June!

Sitting here watching the Jubilee Concert, it's pretty amazing! Favourite so far is Jessie J she can really sing live! She wears some weird costumes though lol. Are you watching it? Please leave a few comments, I haven't had one yet! Even if you just comment with your blog I will happily read it!

Today I have decided I am going to start making a bit more money, I'm going to pick up cheap stuff and sell it on for profit really! Any tips to help me? 

This blog is nearly at 1,000 page views I can't believe it! I never thought I could make it to that! When we hit 1,000 I will post another picture of Lola (my dog!) for everyone :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Jubilee!

Wow! Been watching the Jubilee and it is pretty amazing with all the different boats! It is a bit boring though but oh well! I will update more later as I am watching it at the moment lol!


I have just finished watching the apprectince and can't belive that Ricky won! I wanted Tom or Nick to win really, though none of their buisness plans were that great to be honest! Who did you want to win?

Also if you would like to be added to my blog roll, leave a comment and I will glady add you (as long as you add mine of course!)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

2nd June

So today I did a whole load of gardening and I'm pretty damn tired! I cleared out all the weeds on one side and a lot on the other so it looks much, much better at the moment! I feel really great as a lot has been done. 

I still can't believe that the jubilee is just tomorrow and I will probably be checking it out on the telly. It sounds like it is going to be huge! 

At the time of writing this there is 850 views on the blog! I can't believe it! Thanks so much!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I'm back!

Hello there! So, so, so, so, SO sorry I haven't updated in so long! I have had the worst month ever really so haven't had the motivation to do anything! If that makes you feel better? I haven't forgotten about you!! I'm back now though hopefully! 

So today I did my tutoring again (I stopped going to that as well) and I still don't like it but, hey, I have to do it! Also I was just learning how to do some coding. I have pretty much got to grips with HTML coding so I'm happy! Anyone else do coding? I want to hopefully make an app when I am good enough, though it is going to take ages! 

So I haven't really done much for the last few weeks except for stay in the house and stuff. Not much to update on! I will be updating daily now though so check back! 

Thanks and sorry again!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 8

Bad day again really. I felt horrible when I woke up and had to go to tutoring again even though it was the last thing I wanted to do. Then after I got through an hour and a half of torture I went back to bed to sleep. I slept for probably 5 hours and then I woke up feeling just as bad as when I went to sleep. I was supposed to go to my meeting with my counsellor person Linda but I didn't go to that either so I messed up another thing. I haven't been out of my bedroom today except to go down to tutoring and get a drink and something to eat. At the moment I am just sitting in my chair in my room with a duvet around me and my laptop. I just feel horrible! My mum is mad at me again and I just don't know what to do anymore. I really just want to die and not have to deal with any of this crap ever again. At least I could have some peace and just not have to worry if I did die. That's my post for today anyway. Who knows if I will post tommorow.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 7

A horrible day today! I only had about 3 hours sleep and then I had to get up for tutoring. I was about 45 minutes late and I just couldn't be bothered with it at all! Then I went back to bed and had 2-3 hours sleep and woke up in a worse mood to be honest! I am now lying in bed on my laptop I feel like absolute crap :( 

I'm pretty tired even now and I am fighting to stay awake. This is a shot post today sorry, but I'm really tired and not in the mood, just thought I should give you guys something! 

The picture is me and Lola a couple of months ago! :) 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 6

So I had a pretty good day today and got a lot more motivated. I took a walk down to the corner shop with my Dad and Lola and brought some treats. It was pretty hot out there I can say! Now I am just chilling because I have finished my jobs and done a 'Personal Profile' which my brother asked me to do. It was quite intresting, the idea is to write about your weaknesses, your strengths, your good and bad features, and just a little about yourself and how you think. It is a bit like writing a CV, only your being honest about yourself. It gives you a good idea about what things you can improve and stuff. Obviously somethings you won't ever be able to change but some you can make a start on.

We put a cute little bow on Lola today as well and she looked ADORABLE!!! I will post the picture in a sec and you can all say "awww!" :) She helps me a lot day to day as she is always there around the house and is always pleased to see you which is nice. It sounds dumb but it is true!

Apart from that I haven't really done much today! I had my tutoring lesson but I still hate them and don't really want to talk about the 1 hour and a 1/4 of hell! It isn't my tutor but it is something about that makes me lose concertration constantly and just want to go and punch something!

That's all for today really and thanks again for reading! Pass on to your friends and make sure to share it! Thanks :)

Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 5!

Sorry I didn't really post anything yesterday but I was having a really horrible day! Today hasn't been much better and, to be honest, I haven't got much to put in this blog because I woke up at about 2 in the afternoon after falling asleep at around 6 in the morning. To put it simply, I'm very, very tired and quite irritable! I need to shower and do my jobs for today still and I really don't feel like doing anything! Hopefully after I shower I will feel better!

So, the other day we hit 250 views! I can't believe it I would have never thought that me, a 12 year old girl would be able to get something like that! The next target? 500! Please, please, please share with your friends on facebook, twitter etc. as I am working really hard to keep this blog going! I thought, as a treat for the 250 views, I would post a very cute picture of my dog as well! Tell me what you think of her! Also, if anyone reading has a blog feel free to post it in the comments and I will link it in my next blog, if it is any good! 

Thanks for reading as always, you guys are great!!!

Cute or cute huh?! My Lola!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Money Making Scheme!!!

Ok so do you want to make some money?! No surveys (though you can do them if you want) and a chance to win paypal, xboxs and ps3s? It isn't simple though it will take time. But if you just take 10 minutes out of your day then you will easily make enough to withdraw! The site is legit so please click my link to see what it is all about! :)

If you click my link and sign up under that, for the first 100 points I make, you get them too and for the first 100 you make, I get them too! Win win really!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 3

I wrote this last night but didn't get the chance to post it, enjoy! 
I'm so tired right now but I don't want to sleep so I'm not going too! It feels weird that I just don't want to sleep because I know I need to I just don't want to if that makes sense? I guess I'm trying to avoid daytime in a way but I just can't help it  

My book I'm reading at the moment (I'm not allowed electronics in my room after 12) is the first Harry Potter and it is actually pretty good lol! I'm only about half way through but I'm enjoying it a lot! Any books anyone can recommend for me as I'm running out of ideas! I like funny stuff it that helps? 
Anyway, I still feel so down but writing this blog helps because I can tell people but none of you know who I am! Thank you for reading if you've got down this far I appreciate it a lot  

Last thing to say is I got a twitter for the blog today so please follow @IzzysBlogs  


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 2 Of My Life

Hey guys. I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday but I had a really bad day. Felt really depressed and down so not good at all! Thanks for all the reads and please do tell your friends as I want to really get this out there. So, I was also quite busy yesterday EARNING MONEY! Yep that's right I found a decent site that isn't about filling in surveys which is great! If you leave me a comment I will send you a referral link so we both get something out of it. All it is is basically you review a song and based on the quality of your review you get paid! It's pretty good!

Anyway, I had my tutor lesson today which I HATED! It just makes me feel even more depressed and now I have my CBT appointment in about an hour and a half which I'm not looking forward to at all! 

Also does anyone have any good games on the Internet to play because I'm quite bored! 

Thanks for reading please pass on and get the word out! :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My First Blog!

So this is my first ever blog! I'm 12 years old and suffering from depression which isn't very nice! I have good days and bad days so I though I could post them through this blog for other people to see, so when I do feel better other people can look back at this and see you can get through all the tough stuff in life.

A bit about me? Well like I said I'm 12 and I live in England. I live with my mum and dad and my brother. We also have a dog called Lola who is adorable and helps me a lot (photo down there tell me what you think of her!)! I like gaming, facebook, twitter, my blackberry and just having fun really.

Today I don't feel too bad although the feeling of depression is always there which isn't nice :( Any advice of good things to do when you have depression? It would help a lot I think! Anyway there's my first blog, thanks for reading! Izzy x